segunda-feira, 8 de setembro de 2008

Concurso Ale


A companhia Ale de combustível, está promovendo um concurso nacional para criação de uniformes da empresa. Um desafio interessante e um incentivo aos iniciantes criadores.
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Miss Brolly disse...

Gato preto! :) Lovely. I was away from blogging for a long time, but today I wrote about a black cat in my blog. And now I came to your blog to check all your recent posts and saw this black cat! Is this illustration related to your writing (about the contest of uniforms?)?

Paulandre disse...

Hello dear, that's only a decoration element in the illustration. I read your post about black cat...and believe me, yesterday I saw a board near home with the words 'natural gas' and I thought to myself, Miss Brolly I saw you again. =)